The fishing was fantastic last month. I am anticipating great things in the months to come. Fishing in Bimini has been red hot with plenty of mahi mahi, yellowfin tuna, bluefin tuna, Marlin, mutton snapper and grouper. The yellowtail snapper fishing was legendary in the Gingerbreads this month too. Plenty of 3-5 pound fish were caught on every occasion. We also caught many muttons on the spawn during the full moon.

Fishing in Islamorada consisted mostly of mutton snapper and grouper on the reef edge wrecks and mahi mahi offshore. The numbers of small fish have been incredible with schools of 1-3 pound fish numbering in the thousands. This is really good for the future. It is however; making it tough right now to find legal sized fish to take home.

In Islamorada, it is customary to take your fish to any of our local restaurants to have them cook your catch. We call this a hook and cook. If you did not hook, then you can always go to the Islamorada fish company for a great cook!

Spearfishing will be excellent this month with many spearos finding big red and black groupers and hogfish. The Muttons will still be spawning here in Islamorada so expect plenty of them too!


May 2012 The mahi mahi are always center stage in May. We have several of our big mahi mahi tournaments coming up this month. The marathon bull and cow is the first one starting on the first weekend in May. The next big tournament is the Coconuts tournament in the middle of the month. We will be running and gunning looking for the big ones! We usually run into blue marlin this time of year especially near the full moon. They can show up any time you are near any dolphin. Always be prepared to throw a fresh mahi at one that may be in your spread. I have also been pulling large lures close to the transom that act as teasers for the mahi and a nice meal for a blue! The wahoo fishery has come to a close for the year. We will be anxiously awaiting them this fall.

The large tuna will also be present on the offshore humps. I like to fish for them with live baits like sardines or pilchards. The high-speed jigs are also red hot this time of year as squid becomes the primary target for big blackfins feeding down deep.

The grouper season will open on the first and we plan on taking full advantage of this both in the water and out. The offshore wrecks will be prime for muttons and groupers and the shallow patches that we spearfish will be busting with excitement too!

May is primetime here in Islamorada for many species including tarpon. It is truly a great time to be here in Florida to go fishing, and the best place is in the Florida keys in Islamorada the sport fishing capitol of the world!


April 2012 The anticipation mounts as we get closer and closer to the annual “running of the bulls”. Slammer dolphin will show up any day now and begin pushing through our waters for their annual spring migration. This event always takes place at the end of April; sooner if the weather is warm (which it has been this year). This year promises to be a good one as the weather has been favorable throughout the winter. I’m hoping for a season of extra large slammers! The dolphin grow to size in 3 months, and can reach as many as 35 pounds in 12 months. As long as the growing conditions are good, it does not take long to produce the quality of fish we have been waiting for. As for the tuna, they have just shown back up in force. The spring runs of larger 15-30 pound fish are now present on the Islamorada hump along with the usual hordes of amberjacks. The tuna will remain strong now through the summer into October. The amberjacks are spawning right now so they are readily available all month long and into May. Giant Sharks are also on the humps right now. If you dream of catching an 800-1200lb sea monster, we can do it. On the lighter side, the yellowtail snapper are swarming on the reef edge for their breeding season too. We can target them on any trip either before we head offshore or after we are finished up with the day. I am also offering dedicated half day yellowtail snapper trips. If you desire a tarpon, we can do that too! The season we have been waiting for is here.


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