This November has been a cold one. That being said, the cold water fisheries have been center stage. On the top of this list is always Sailfish. They have been migrating into our waters since the beginning of the month. Several shots a day are the norm; and every day that passes the possibility for more increases until we come to the peak of the season. I have been primarily targeting them with the kites and live pilchards. As more and more ballyhoo move in, we will start using them too. Of course the usual suspects like goggle eyes and blue runners are also an excellent choice on the kite. The Wahoo fishing in the islands has been legendary this season already. I have taken several trips to Bimini and the Bahamas and with great success. The fish seem to be running larger this year with many 40-50 pound fish. All of these wahoo will be on our side very soon so I am high-speed trolling from spot to spot looking for a wolf-pack. The grouper season will remain open until January 1st so I have been putting a few baits on the bottom as we are drifting around with good results. We have also been catching nice mutton snappers doing this too.

Offshore, the humps are still holding tuna and mahi mahi. The last trip out saw big numbers of 5-15 pound mahi mahi under a large piece of debris. The tunas are still biting the live pilchards as long as you can catch 500-1000 of them for live-chumming. Swordfishing has also been good this year. The last few trips out were all met with success. See you soon!


The blackfin tuna are center stage right now. The typical six or eight fish at a time is the norm if you can chum them with pilchards. Big live sardines down deep are still the ticket for the big boys up to 35 pounds. When the fish are deep, we have been jigging with the high speed jigs and having a field day. On most of the trips, we have been able to find mahi mahi under various debris from pallets to Amazon logs. They are varied in size from schoolies to slammers, but most of the fish have been nice.

We are also starting to see better bottom fishing for the deep water snappers and groupers. Vermillions, silk, and red snappers have all been present in the usual haunts. The fishing on the full moon is always better but they have also been present during the new moon as well. The reef has been great for mutton snappers and hogfish both on rod and reel and with the spearguns. The water is warm, clear, and very pleasant for a dive. This is also the off season so fishing pressure is way down and catches are way up!


Hi Everyone! We are finally into the peak of the summer warm-water season. We have been catching lots of nice tuna on all of the humps using many different artificials this year. The high speed jigging is still working fantastic on bigger fish. It is always the go-to when the fish are feeding down deep. We have had many days recently where the fish were down 250-350 feet and the high-speed jigs are the ticket. When the fish move up in the water column and feed on the surface, the live pilchards or poppers are the best bet. Both have been working well. Mahi mahi fishing is improving all the time. The seasons for them have seemed to change over the last few years. The later summer months have been better with August and September being very good. Last year October and November were the best months for mahi mahi. We will see if this repeats itself again. The snappers and groupers have been great this year. The grouper closure in the winter is making for great fishing during the open season. We have caught many nice Red, Black, and Gag grouper lately. Many of these have fallen victim to the spear as I have been doing alot of free-diving and spearfishing. I can’t believe I am actually getting into the water but it is true, I have become a die-hard spearo! I love blending hunting and fishing together in this way. It is very exhilarating to say the least. I have been spearing in the bluewater as well as on the reef. Mahi mahi are suddenly a very smart, and wary fish! Not like when they are chewing the bottom paint off of the boat and you are catching them on a rod and reel.

The weather has been fantastic. If anyone wants to go to the bahamas for a fishing/diving trip now is a great time. We can take my boat or yours. I have lots of openings right now so don’t hesitate to call and plan your next adventure.


It has been a fantastic spring here in sunny south Florida. The fishing has been incredible. From yellowtail snapper and huge tuna to Mahi mahi and wahoo and everything else in between, we have caught them all! There was a nice migration of sailfish too that were tailing in the beginning of June this year! We were catching limits of dolphin and then coming back into the reef in the afternoon and getting several shots at sailfish. The yellowtail snapper have been consistent all season long averaging from 1-3 pounds with the occasional 4 pounder. They are still swarming on the reef edge and will remain into December.The mangrove snapper are starting to spawn after dark on the reef too! They have been from 1-5 pounds and swarming! Giant mutton snapper from 8-15 pounds have also been spawning out on the deeper wrecks and on some days we have done very well catching as many as ten big ones! As the summer progresses on, the tuna will move onto the humps. The best fishing for them is typically in August, but from the middle of July on it is usually wide-open! This fishery will go strong into December. Mahi mahi have been swarming in the 3-10 pound range. We have not seen many large fish this year yet. There is speculation that they will be coming in July and August. July is typically on of the best months for 15-25 pound fish as groups of 3-9 adult “slammers” move through our waters to spawn. We have even been catching nice mahi on the reef edge while fishing for yellowtails too!

The tarpon fishing is winding down for the season. There are still a few smaller fish around but the main migration has moved on. The next big push will be in October and November. Set your sights on the full moon periods and get ready as this is usually the best fishing of the entire year for tarpon. It is possible to have a 20 or 30 fish night! You also need to book your trips in advance for the tarpon this year as I am experiencing high demand for this fishery.


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