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From as early as I can remember I wanted to fish. It is probably my fascination with water. I have always loved to be in or on the water.

Thankfully, my parents always lived on either a river or lake for my entire life, so it was easy for me to explore the different habitats and creatures that inhabit the lakes and rivers where I grew up in Michigan.

I first started to fish for largemouth bass, northern pike, and panfish in a small private lake in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan called Wing Lake. Here I learned to master the inland freshwater lake. Everyone that lived on the lake soon wanted me to take them fishing. It was odd that grown men wanted an eight year old boy to take them fishing, however, such is fishing, it is ageless, genderless, and it transcends all socid and economic boundaries. There is a special bond of friendship made while out on the water.

At 14 years of age my family moved up to bigger and better places as my father purchased a home on the Detroit River at the mouth of Lake Erie. I was in Paradise! I had a whole new list of species to fish for and master including Walleye, Muskie, and Smallmouth Bass. Before long I was Taking everyone in town fishing again and enjoying all that Lake Erie had to offer. When I started driving at 16, another new world had opened up to me. I started fishing for Salmonids including Steelhead and Chinook Salmon on the Pere Marquette and Au Sable Rivers. I started seriously tying flies and floating up and down the rivers fly-fishing for Trout and Salmon. Around this time in life I was graduating from High school and the prospect of a career was strongly introduced by my parents. I wanted to fish but my parents did not see a future in this pursuit. They insisted that I attend a university and seek higher education. Before I knew it, I found myself working at Ford Motor Company as a Production Supervisor running a production line building Expedition and Navigator trucks. Although I am thankful for the experience and the multitude of things I learned, I was very unhappy and searching for purpose in my life.

When I finally came to the realization that regardless of the circumstances, I could only be happy fishing, I quit Ford and pushed forward to start fulfilling my dreams. I started by working as afly-fishing guide in Alaska at the Angler’s Alibi Lodge in Bristol Bay. The owner John Pen’y and I are dear childhood friends and spending a summer at his lodge guiding salmon and trout fishermen was one of the fondest experiences of my life. The only place that I liked more is Islamorada Florida. When I came here, I fell in love and have never left! There are so many different species and systems to learn and master. The fisheries here are varied and dynamic. It is always a challenge and incredible here. I fish almost everyday and I still can’t get enough! There is so much to experience here. It truly is the Sportfishing capital of the world!

Come and spend some time in the salt fishing in Key Largo or Islamorada and share the passion of sport-fishing with me Capt Petrucco.

“I’m doing what I love best, going toe to toe with a Silver King!”

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