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Hi Everyone! This fall has seen some tremendous wahoo fishing in Bimini and Islamorada. We have enjoyed many trips with wahoo, grouper, mahi mahi, tuna, and sailfish. Of course, the Yellowtail snapper fishing has also been stellar. We have spent a great deal of time fishing in Bimini this fall. If you are interested in going over and doing this we certainly can!!! Please call and inquire as to what your dream may be and we can make it happen. I have been learning the waters off of Bimini and Cay Sal with great success. I have also been learning the ins and outs of the land too and have a great plan for any budget as well as some good friends abroad to make any stay memorable and pleasant.

As for Islamorada, the sailfish and mahi mahi have taken center stage. The fall fishery has been far better than the spring this year with plenty of tuna on the humps too! The reef edge is teaming with bait and also hungry predators. As usual, it is on fire! We have been having a ball “catching”!

The gulf of mexico is starting to see the annual runs of Spanish mackerel, cobia, and sharks so there is always something fun to do even if the wind does not cooperate.

Typical trips consist of 50-100 mackerel a day. This can be affected by the cold fronts as everything is dependant upon temperature. On the cold days, we go patch fishing where the cold water meets the warmer offshore water. This is great fun too and usually we catch many “eating” quality fish for dinner. Hogfish, patch yellowtails, patch groupers, cero mackerel, and a variety of others are always present. When it calms down in the afternoon, we net a few ballyhoo and then chase after a sailfish or a big king mackerel on the reef. The winter fishery is here along with wonderful temperatures and huge gamefish like sailfish and wahoo! Come on down and have some fun!!


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The Tarpon fishing was fantastic last month but an early cold front brought the fishing to a close as most of the tarpon have migrated to warmer climes. With this cold weather the wahoo bite has really turned on. Both in Bimini and here in Florida the wahoo have been red hot. I have been fishing them with mostly lures and high-speed trolling. The tuna and mahi are still coming in strong in the hump areas. I’m not sure how long it will last but I love it! The fishing has been excellent as many different species from both summer and winter have been inhabiting our waters. We have been catching sailfish, tuna, wahoo, and dolphin on every trip! It doesn’t get any better for the person wanting a variety. The bottom fishing for groupers and snappers has also been particularly good with flag yellowtail and red grouper dominating the reef edge. I’m having too much fun! Leave those deer alone and come down and join me for some super fast action on the water.


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I have been concentrating mostly on tuna and mahi fishing on the humps. It has been on fire! Multiple hook-ups on the blackfins are coming with either high-speed jigs or live pilchards. Trolling the feathers has actually been catching some nicer fish lately too. I troll up until we get a double header, then I drift down and catch two or three more with the jigs and livies. Before long, we are loaded down with tunas. Then we will go a little further out and look for mahi mahi under the birds and debris in the weed lines. The live baits like ballyhoo have been best for this. If you want to catch alot of mahi mahi, then now is a great time to come down. October has been the best month the past two years for dolphin. I wonder if this trend will continue.

The tarpon bite on the full moon is off the charts as usual. This year we targeted them with poppers. On our best night, we landed 17 silver kings on light spinning tackle and plugs. Of course the best way to catch them is on live bait. I have had many 30 plus fish nights this time of year!


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The humps are on fire! Blackfin tuna are ruling the offshore grounds in Islamorada. All of the humps are swarming with 6-18 pound tunas. They are hungry for live cigar minnows, sardines, and pilchards. We have also been catching fish on the high-speed jigs as well as trolling feathers too. If artificial lures are your thing, you can cast plugs to hungry tunas with the “popping” rods too! Along with the tuna, there have been many days filled with schoolie and gaffer sized mahi mahi. They have been patrolling the weed edges and feeding on the myriad of blue runners hiding under the “matts” of weeds.

In a little closer to the reef, the deep ledges have been holding vermillion and yellow eyed snappers. They are accompanied by mutton snappers and red groupers. We have not had a trip this month that we have not caught at least one keeper red grouper. There are also large black grouper, king mackerel, sailfish, and cobia working the same edges, so you never really know what exactly it is you are reeling in until your finished! I have been using light 12-20 pound Key Largo Rods with Avet sx reels and 30 pound leaders. It is a great fight to reel up a big grouper on light tackle in 225 feet of water!

The fall season is going to break open soon in Bimini for wahoo and other pelagics. Of course the snapper and grouper fishing is always stellar on the “other side” too! If you are interested in planning an adventure in the bahamas, give me a call and we can discuss your desires. The fishing is fantastic right now, don’t miss out!


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