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14-win-yellowtail-fishing-barryHow to cook Yellowtail Snapper Florida Keys Style

Capt Petrucco with some nice Snappers.




Wahoo Fishing Islamorada Tavernier Florida Keys Offshore with Capt Petrucco.

Catch a Wahoo!!!!



Offshore Fishing Florida Keys with Live Bait and Capt Joe Petrucco

Joe throwing the net. A start to a day full of adventure.


 Action attracts fish.  Live active bait will get the attention of the big game fish and attract an aggressive strike!  

14-win-joe-net-2 14-win-net-joe


Choosing The Right Charter

Seahunter boats Florida Keys


The primary concern should be safety. I spent most of my childhood fishing 2 or three days a week on different charter boats all over the country with my father. We went on some good ones and unfortunately, some bad ones too. My dad always said that the Captain owed us a safe trip out and back to the dock and to work as hard as possible to catch the species of fish we were after. Some days are not as productive as others, but not all charters are created equal. As long as the Captain did his best for us, we were happy. We fished so much that we had epic days and slow ones, but a good captain always found a reason to triumph and bring it home. Having expertise and knowledge in the pursuit of big game fish is paramount for everyday success. Knowing the tides and moon phases as well as the effect of the winds and currents intimately and how to apply this to the desired species, will usually make the difference between catching and not. A good Captain has mastered this over time and learned how to apply this knowledge.

It was also important to my father and I to have personal attention. When you book a trip you want to fish with the Captain, not someone else that just started their career last week. Or the next one up in the rotation at the big marina. You want to learn and become a better angler, what better way than to be fishing with your Captain arm and arm down in the pit together where all the action is?

When you come to the Florida Keys to go fishing, I want you to be successful and excited about your experience here. If you leave happy, regardless of who you have fished with, you will tell your friends and family and all of us that live here, will benefit. It is important to me that you really enjoy yourself.

If you need help planning your vacation, please do not hesitate to call and speak with either myself or my wife Jessica and we will be happy to help you find what you are looking for within your budget.


Want to catch a Wahoo Fishing Charter Islamorada Tavernier Florida Keys

Fishing Report by Capt Joe Petrucco Join us https://www.facebook.com/Capt.Petrucco

Wahoo Fishing Florida Keys 1456505_627616143953138_1117462493_n

The Wahoo are center stage this month. This is the best time of year to catch the ocean’s very best fish! There isn’t a finer fish for eating than the wahoo. Tavernier Creek is center stage for the action. We have been catching 1-4 fish on the close trips and 10-20 fish each trip on the long range days. The fishing is primarily done by high-speed trolling different artificial lures at speeds up to 15 knots. The fish are between 30 and 70 pounds! There is nothing in the world as exciting as finding a wolf-pack of wahoo and hooking four huge fish at once. Listening to the drags screaming is an adrenaline rush that I feel cannot be beat by anything else. The wahoo will remain strong into March, so there is still plenty of time to make your reservation with Capt Petrucco from Tavernier Creek and get into your own “wolf-pack” this year. Mixed in with this excitement are sailfish, yellowtail snapper, silk snapper, vermillion snapper, Mackerel, tuna, and a few Mahi Mahi.

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30+ Years Awarded Captain

Choosing the Right Captain

The primary concern should be safety. I spent most of my childhood fishing 2 or 3 days a week on different charter boats all over the country with my father. We went on some good ones and unfortunately, some bad ones too. My dad always said that the Captain owed us a safe trip out and back to the dock and... read more

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