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Mate Johnnie Porter and Capt. Joe Petrucco

of Killer Instinct Charters with a couple of

big backcountry kings!


Islamorada Florida: Killer Instinct, Tons O’ Fish And A Killer Time

As I write this I can hear the television news telling us about Airline cancellations due to the Snow storm in the North East and the weather here is cold and cloudy. We knew yesterday this was coming. I wanted my friend Robin to get in a good day of fly fishing as it had been 5 years since she had been able to have the chance to fish, really fish. I’m talking about the go out on the water and catch fish till you drop type of fly fishing. Robin is a woman who is thrilled when she catches a box fish from a crowded pier and she can make it sound like a fishing tournament. It was 10 am in the morning here in Islamorada Florida and I was determined to put Robin on fish, but how? We walked into a small, dark from all the gear, fly and tackle shop and struck up a conversation with the owner, originally from York Maine. He was an older gent with the look of a tried and true salt water fisherman. I explained my dilemma while wading through his shop looking for those little treasures one finds in a good tackle shop that has been around for years. He reaches for a card and says call this young guide. He is young, he will find fish and you will fly fish until you drop! A born skeptic I was hesitant but as time was passing and a cold front nearing, I called Joe Petrucco of Killer Instinct Charters. Joe answered his cell. I told him my problem and he said, “how soon can you get here? We can go when you get here and we will catch plenty of fish on the fly, plus we will have a great time.” The deal would be a good chunk of change but it was worth it to me and my longtime friend, Robin. I was thinking to myself, “last minute trip, I must be desperate!“ We drove to Joe’s house on a beautiful canal and his 20 foot center console boat was tied up out front. He made a safety check and off we went through Florida Mangroves, across beautiful and world renowned Islamorada flats and into

the open Gulf of Mexico. The weather was Sunny, the air temperature was 80 degrees and seas were calm. Our first stop was an hour out in 9 feet of water, which was to be the consistent depth all day. Joe tossed a couple chum bags over the side of his boat. A few minutes passed and we caught fish nonstop until dusk. The fast action subsided in spurts of small breaks for which I was thankful for. Robin shrieked with excitement as her first Kingfish hit her fly and it was all uphill from there. We caught Kingfish, Bluefish, Ladyfish, Blue Runners, Cat fish, Sea Trout bigger than I’ve ever caught before, 2 Bull Sharks, etc… And, I mean etc.. On the way in Capt. Joe asked if we wanted to do some night Tarpon fly fishing. I had to decline as I was exhausted from catching so many fish and so was Robin. My friend and I shared a great day on the water, Capt. Joe fished me out and we were real happy. In the end we were all happy, I recommend Joe Petrucco and his Killer Instinct Charter business highly. I am going to find liniment for our sore but happy muscles.

Source: http://www.fliesandfins.com/article496.html



U.S. marine sergeant Brandt and mate Johnnie porter with a nice goliath grouper. The fish
was caught on the killer instinct with Capt. Joe Petrucco. Offshore Sportfishing Charter Boat Islamorada Florida Keys.



The Saxelby family with the largest of the 12
cobia they caught on a recent trip with Capt.
Joe Petrucco of the Killer Instinct. Capt. Joe is
located at Robbie’s Marina at mm 77.5.

Offshore Guide and Captain Joe Petrucco. Located Islamorada Florida.
Florida Keys Fishing Guide. 800-375-7280.


Here is Grant Bennet with a winter tarpon he caught on
12lb spinning gear while targeting spanish macks with
Capt. Joe Petrucco on the Killer Instinct out of Robbie’s
Marina. Now there is a great surprise! The fish came
boatside after a 40 min tussle. Grant did a fantastic job of
pressuring the large ‘poon and not allowing the line to
break for an effecient release! Excellent job Grant!


Fish for Tarpon in the Atlantic Ocean contact Capt Joe Petrucco 800-375-7280! Islamorada Fishing Guide. Tarpon Fishing. Center Console. Live Bait! Tons of fun.
Capt Petrucco Fishing Charters.


Marie with a huge redfish caught with Capt. Joe Petrucco
on the Killer Instinct out of Robbie’s Marina. Marie caught a
36 pound kingfish, 4 goliath groupers, and more spanish
macks than you can shake a stick at! In our opinion, by the
look on her face…she is hoping Capt. Joe is doing all that
fish cleaning!

Sportfishing Guide Florida Keys, Robbie’s Marina Fishing Captain Joe Petrucco 800-375-7280! Book fishing trip in the florida keys now!


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